Entryway Matting

Matting Makes a Difference!

Did you know that matting extends the life of floor surfaces? Selecting the appropriate matting not only reduces interior maintenance costs, but also improves safety and facility appearance.

Floor Care Concepts excels in providing custom matting solutions of virtually any size, shape, and color. Contact us for a full analysis of your facility.

Custom Instalation Entryway Matting


Floor Care Concepts field measures each entry and suggests the best mat for that area. Floor Care Concepts can install purchased mats, also we can custom installs into wells, around doors, and other impediments.

With mat sizes up to 13' wide by any length up to 68'11". Any matting situation can be handled. Investing in a highly effective, high quality matting system is money well saved!


GymPro Eco-Roll Floor Covering System


Gym Floor Covering

We offer four types of gym floor coverings to protect your gym floor. We offer two different types of roll out gym floor covering systems, and we have two different tile system. Please call for a sales rep to show your our systems.


Eco-Roll System Rack

Logo Mats

With our Logo Mats, Floor Care Concepts can protect your building while livening up your entryways using either a highly durable Inlay Berber mat, or a more common Printed Plush Mat. Between our 2 different styles of mats, Floor Care Concepts can put almost any logo in any location you desire and in any shape or size to fit the situation appropriately.


Players' Mats

Recently, we have developed "Players' Mats" out of our Plush Logo Mats that are perfect for game-side seating for your sports teams.

Printed Plush Players' Mats