ALL AMERICAN 50 is a V.O.C. compliant, solvent based, wood finish that provides a highly durable coating with excellent gloss. Its very light color enhances the beauty of the wood and minimizes oxidation and age discolorations. Unlike many other V.O.C. compliant finishes, this product is easy to apply with heavy weight bar.

ALL AMERICAN 50 provides a hard, chemical resistant, high gloss film that will repel scratching, scuffing and rubber burn marks. This product may be used on all wood floors including plank, ironbound and parquet types.

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All American 50

Oil Modified Urethane Gym Finish

. Easy to apply

. Very light in color

. Beautifies Wood

. Excellent Gloss

. Superior Chemical

. Resistance

. Durable and Long Lasting

. Excellent Abrasion and Impact Resistance

ALL AMERICAN 30 O.M.U. is designed to penetrate into the wood to set up a moisture barrier and to fortify its structural strength.

The product also provides an excellent foundation for ALL AMERICAN 50. ALL AMERICAN SEALER is light in color and will enhance the beauty of all wood surfaces. It should be applied on all new or newly sanded floors.

ALL AMERICAN 30 should be applied with a K100 E-Z Way Applicator


All American 30

30% Oil Modified Urethane Sanding Seal

. Easy to Apply

. Very Light in Color

. Beautifies Wood

. Excellent Gloss

. Helps Prevent Moisture Penetration

. Exceptional Sanding Properties

. Excellent Gloss and Clarity

. Provides a Foundation for Top Coating with a Finish